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Free Resources

Here is a compilation of free resources provided by sportstech companies to help in these times of COVID19 isolation

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BoomStatsAnalysis is providing a free 1-year licence for university students to use their platform.


Notes: During the registration, select the Yearly subscription option. You will need to enter the credit card details as this is required in the backend system, however there will be no payment taken and once you register you will received an email confirming the free 1-year licence. 

About BoomStatsAnalysis

BSA was created to give everyone access to top line analysis tools, sport has a great disparity between the haves and have nots and we are keen to do our bit to close that gap.

The platform is cloud based, so zero download/management requirements from our customers. It is a SaaS product, though we also offer an analysis service to customers where we analyse the games for them if they want. We charge $20 AUD per month. That is for the entire service, so a club would pay $20 or an individual who creates their own account pays $20 AUD.

Sports covered:

Basketball, Lacrosse, Football, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Badminton, Handball, Netball, Cricket, Surfing and Aussie rules. Future sports hockey (field and Ice), Volleyball.

The features:

Briefly, some of the features we have built into the platform, which we continually evolve (all features are rolled out to everyone) are as follows.

  • Cloud based, no downloads, no scripting or special hardware required

  • Video analysis, clipping of matches at both the team and player level

  • Player and team analytics dashboard (live and post match)

  • Athlete management system, allowing the secure capture, reporting and comparison of fitness and wellness data

  • Comparison of fitness, wellness and match performance data across athletes

  • Flexibility to create your own match stats, wellness and fitness data points

  • Player synergy, we show the relationship between players on field performance

  • Each account has the ability to share their information with whom they chose

  • Comparison of players within teams at both the match performance level and wellness/fitness information level on a series of graphs

  • Data is never deleted, player data will always be available year on year allowing analysis on players development


Metrifit is extending their AMS demo to  30 days.


Notes: The 30-day licence is available for 1 team (up to 35 athletes)

About Metrifit

Metrifit helps coaches get to know their athletes, and helps athletes get ready to perform. It is a simple, intuitive and effective approach to monitoring looking at how the ‘small picture’ of an athlete’s daily habits, shapes the ‘big picture’ of match day performance.  It is a unique product with emphasis on simplicity and informing the decision making process. Athletes input information on their well-being and training responses, through their smartphone, on a daily basis. The importance an athlete’s lifestyle can have on their performance can never be underestimated.  Metrifit gives the athlete an active role in this monitoring process which is key to our approach. We are a team based product and all setup can be done remotely which is ideal during this time. We have clients all over the world across many different sports and would love you to become part of the Metrifit Team.

Why not have a look at our Metrifit Introduction PDF and gain insight on the physical and mental state of your athletes through our daily well-being questionnaire?  We are offering an extension of our free trial due to the current COVID-19 global crisis. This free trial will cover 1 team (up to 35 athletes) for 30 days.

AthleteMonitoring_280814-01.png is extending their AMS demo to 30 days.


Notes: To activate the demo, follow the instructions on the website or email and mention this initiative. 


With most athletes now training in isolation, being able to remotely monitor their training,
health and mental well-being is of utmost importance. is a complete and effective remote monitoring solution
available to sport organisations of all sizes.

With, you can share programs, monitor training, physical health and
mental well-being remotely with a best practice approach and evidence-based tools. You can
share documents, notes, send secure communications, and receive alerts when someone needs
attention. It’s the ideal solution to keep athletes fit and healthy during these difficult times.
Trusted by sport academies, universities, professional teams, performing arts, Olympic
programs, national sport organizations and research institutes worldwide, AthleteMonitoring
simplifies the remote monitoring of athletes’ training, health and well-being, wherever they live
and train.

Visit to learn more and request a free trial

Iterpro full logo GREY - ORANGE.png

Iterpro is offering a free 60 days trial for their Football Intelligence platform


Notes: This offer is valid only to people working in football clubs and federation, with a club/federation email address. Once you click on the link above, it will take you to a calendar interface where you select a day to "book" your demo.

About Iterpro

Sports science and digital innovation combined to provide the football industry stakeholders with the ultimate digital One Solution. A digital hub that provides cross services and fulfils needs for the entire football industry ecosystem.

“Iterpro Football Intelligence” is a revolutionary football team management platform that integrates data from every football club’s department, turns them into actionable insights and makes it available in a simple manner Iterpro is the first business intelligence solution football-specific that supports professional football clubs in making better decision faster and helps them to achieve a competitive edge.

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