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Fabio Serpiello


I am an academic and sport scientist with a passion for technology.


I've never been a super-early adopter though, mainly because I've always liked to spend time comparing all the features and prices of the different devices, before I make a choice. I've simply never liked the idea of buying something that is not exactly what I need!

No surprises I created

Keep reading below to know why!

The story so far...

A very short one, I promise!

The idea behind is quite simple. 

In 2017 a couple of practitioners working in sports clubs had asked for my advice about what technology to buy (think about tracking and video analysis).

I asked them what were their goals and specific needs, what budget they had, and a couple of technical questions to refine my suggestion.

I then realised that neither of us had any idea of the breadth of what was on offer in the market.


Often our choices are based simply on what we have used in the past, or whatever we have been shown by the sales rep of the companies closer to us. Sometimes we end up buying products that are way too expensive or complex for what we need; other times we buy products that are not quite matching our specific needs but we didn't know what else was available. 

The mission of is to allow practitioners working in human performance to find all information they need in one spot, and to make better decisions.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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