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The table below provides a comparison of LPS tracking systems. These systems are typically used in professional team sports, both indoor and outdoor.
You can scroll left-right (for desktop/tablet) or top/down (for mobile) inside the table to see all products available, and use the search bar to focus the comparison on one technical aspect. 
There are currently 5 products in this table, from the following companies: Catapult Sports, ChyronHego, Inmotio, Kinexon, and Realtrack
(*) Price range is calculated based on a set of 20 LPS units, vests/garment, charging dock/case/usb, access to software, highest level of customer support, number of anchor for a standard setup for an indoor arena in a central European location
$$$ = >US$50,000 for purchase/ >$30,000 p.a. for subscription
$$ = US$40,000-50,000/ $25,000-30,000 p.a.
$ = US$30,000-40,000/$20,000-25,000 p.a.
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