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The table below provides a comparison of GPS tracking systems in the lower price tier. These systems are typically used in semi-pro and amateur team sports, as well as individual athletes.
You can scroll left-right (for desktop/tablet) or top/down (for mobile) inside the table to see all products available, and use the search bar to focus the comparison on one technical aspect. 

There are currently 13 products in this table, from the following companies: Advanced Sport Instruments, Catapult Sports, Fitogether, McLloyd, Polar, Quantrax, Sonda Sports, SPT, STATSports, and VX.
(*) Price range is calculated based on a set of 20 GPS units, vests/garment, charging dock/case/usb, access to software, highest level of customer support.
$$$ = US$20,000-30,000 for purchase/ $15,000-20,000 p.a. for subscription
$$ = US$10,000-20,000/ $10,000-15,000 p.a.
$ = <US$10,000/<$10,000 p.a.
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